Landal GreenParks has led the way in terms of customer-friendliness in the Netherlands' recreation sector for four years. This makes us happy and proud. We work not only to ensure the comfort of our guests and the quality of their stay, but also in the interests of nature and society.

This translates into an extensive programme and many activities in the area of Sustainable and Responsible Business. The Green Key certification is one of the ways this is put into practice at a number of parks. Green Key is an international seal of approval for sustainable companies in the tourism and recreation sector. We are entitled to the Green Key seal of approval because we meet the strict requirements related to sustainability, the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Green Key Standards go beyond laws and regulations - we are also assessed on whether we comply with the basic environmental standards, save gas, water and electricity and do everything possible to reduce waste. Our ambitions are far-reaching: we want to achieve further reductions in the consumption of water, gas and energy; reuse water and heat where possible; we choose to use environmentally responsible cleaning products and control and we invest in collaboration with regional companies.

Quality and comfort are always guaranteed

We strive to ensure that the measures have no, or at least no negative, impact on your holiday. Because the quality of your stay and the comfort of our guests are guaranteed at all times, since this is a condition for both Landal GreenParks and Green Key.

Parks with a certification
Chalet MatinVorarlberg *
RehrenbergSalzbuger Land*
De WaufsbergLimburgGold
Amerongse BergUtrechtGold
Hof van SaksenDrentheGold
Dwergter SandOldenburger Munsterland*
Beach Park TexelWaddeneilandenGold
Landgoed AerwinkelLimburgSilver
De Lommerbergen LimburgGold
Marina LipnoZuid-Bohemen*
Strand Resort Ouddorp DuinZuid-HollandSilver
Duinpark 't Hof van HaamstedeZeelandBrass
Villapark VogelmientWaddeneilandenSilver
Het VennenbosNoord-BrabantGold
De VleggeOverijsselGold
De Reeuwijkse PlassenZuid-HollandGold
Landgoe De ElsgravenOverijsselSilver
Eifeler TorEifel*
Natuurdorp SuyderooghGroningenGold
Beach Resort OoghduyneNoord-HollandGold
Het Land van BartjeDrentheGold
De BloemertDrentheGold
Waterparc VeluwemeerFlevolandGold
Landgoed 't LooGelderlandGold
Miggelenberg  GelderlandGold
Rabbit Hill  GelderlandGold
Heideheuvel  GelderlandGold
Schuttersbos  TerschellingSilver
Strand Resort Nieuwvliet-BadZeelandGold
Duc de Brabant  BrabantGold
Hoog VaalsLimburgGold
Kasteeldomein De Cauberg  LimburgGold
Mooi ZutendaalLimburg (Belgium)*
De Veluwse HoevegaerdeGelderlandGold
Port GreveZeelandGold
De Hellendoorse BergOverijsselSilver
Beach Villa's Hoek van HollandZuid-HollandSilver
Mont RoyalMoezel*
Bad KleinkirchheimBad Kleinkirchheim*

Landal GreenParks will be modifying its parks in the coming years and preparing for Green Key.


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