Discover the rambling and cycling network!

Do you like biking and walking? Do you like woods and moors? Do you like peace and quiet and wide open spaces? This ideal combination is offered by the rambling and cycling network (knooppuntennetwerk).

This outdoor network has recently been taken into use in the woods and surrounding countryside of Brabant. In Kempen in Brabant you can cycle and walk the many delightful routes while you enjoy the wonderful scenery. In this way you can combine your fun and relaxing stay at Landal Het Veenenbos with a cycling and walking holiday.

There is a special network of routes laid out for ramblers and bikers. You can enjoy yourself walking or cycling from one network intersection to the next, without the need to consult any complicated route descriptions. The cycling network offers more than 700 kilometres of biking while the rambling network provides 135 kilometres of walking in Bladel alone! Every point where the routes intersect is numbered. At each intersection there is also a map so that you can decide for yourself what route you want to take. Copies of the map are on sale at the reception of Landal Het Vennenbos.


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